Kidney Hospital & Renal Care


Interior of Hemodialysis Hospital in Qingdao (Artist’s impression)

We have an in-principle approval for a 200-300 bed hospital in Qingdao. We have rented the building for 20 years and we are currently renovating and equipping it to cater to the essential medical needs for chronic kidney disease patients. In addition, we will be running a haemodialysis renal care service centre.

Qingdao is a high income second tier city with a population of about 10 million. It is well known to be one of the most forward looking, innovative, trend setting cities in China for the introduction and provision of healthcare and medical services for its residents. Qingdao’s health insurance system has recently undergone reformation and is comprehensive.

Our kidney hospital services and renal dialysis services will all be covered under the provincial medical insurance schemes.

We hope not just to run the kidney hospital but also to establish a satellite of renal dialysis centres in the whole of Qingdao.

The kidney dialysis market in China is projected to be in excess of RMB 10 billion (SGD 2 billion) in 2018 according to a Morgan Stanley Report. The demand for kidney dialysis will be growing rapidly in China as the proportion of chronic kidney disease patients being treated for dialysis are said to be considerably lower than developed countries.

Other Ancillary Kidney Medical Services

As our Qingdao Kidney Hospital is a specialist hospital catering to the chronic kidney diseases, where kidney dialysis is considered an end stage treatment we will also need to provide the following services:

    Clinical Pathology

    Laboratory services

    Medical Radiology

    CT scan, ultrasound, heart monitoring

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Inner organs, old age, therapy

    Dedicated Vascular Facility

    Screening, diagnosis, analysis and treatment

    Specialist outpatient and in patient treatment

    For diabetes and hypertentions treatments


    Prepare and dispensing of medicines